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Support Groups

Parenting teen mothers

I've Been There Before participants will meet and discuss topics relevant to parenting and independence

Parenting teen fathers

Daddy's Den participants will meet and discuss topics relevant to parenting and independence

Pillars of Hope

Pillars of Hope is a support group for survivors of child sexual abuse, teen domestic violence, and sexual assault

Juvenile diversion programming coming soon!


Support Groups

Power Source Parenting: Growing Up Strong and Raising Healthy Kids is a practical, accessible, and innovative book/curriculum written for teen and young adult parents and the professionals who support them.

This accessible and innovative book helps adolescents understand and take control of the emotions and beliefs driving their high-risk behavior. Topics include: risk-taking, identity and the development of a cohesive sense of self, anger, the impact of trauma, intergenerational family cycles, emotional regulation, substance use, responsibility taking, empathy development, gang involvement, healthy relationship building, and positive future orientation.

Life skills education gives young people the tools and support they need to communicate more effectively. To make informed decisions. To set and achieve goals. To problem solve. To resolve conflict. To become responsible, caring, and productive citizens.

RealCare Baby® 3 (formerly known as Baby Think It Over® or BTIO®) is the world’s most advanced infant simulator. Educators around the world use this unique learning aid to add meaning and accountability to teach early childhood, parenting, infant health lessons and sex education with activities to help instructors create learning experiences that are relevant and career-driven.

The evidence-based Parents Anonymous® Program is a comprehensive family strengthening program based on the principles of mutual support, parent leadership, shared leadership® and personal growth and change

The FLASH curriculum is based on the Theory of Planned Behavior. It is designed to support young people in making healthy choices: abstain from sex, use protection when they do have sex, seek health care when they need it, communicate effectively with their families, and respect other's decisions not to have sex.